TNO & Transient Apps


'There's an app for that!'


'Apps can be amazing tools that can assist us in our day-to-day live but we hardly ever install a new ones. Wouldn’t it be great if your smartphones knows you so well it can automatically install the apps you need right now?'

In 2014, that was the premises of the idea of Wilco Wijbrandi, a software engineer at the Dutch research facility TNO. He was sick and tired of installing apps all the time and decided to explore an alternative infrastructure for app distribution. Together with colleagues, they set up a TKI project around the idea and created the context engine that now is one of the key technologies used for the Onlive MVP. 


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The Technology

The hard result of the project is the Context Engine. A piece of software that is able to determine if a person is in a pre-defined context. This software determines whether a specific functionality should be presented to the users or not.  

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The partners

With telecom giant KPN and the digital consultants of Emansion, TNO developed the context engine. The input of KPN and Emansion was focused on expertise in network technologies, customer engagement and the creation of use cases.


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