The Functionality

  1. Connect people with the world around them instead of with the whole world

    • Connect people with other people around them

    • Connect people with companies/organizations around them

    • Connect people with devices/machines around them

  2. Enable and enrich human interaction in the physical world

    • Offer relevant information and functionality to groups

    • Develop applications to streamline group processes

  3. Create a transparent, safe and controllable architecture to distribute content and data

    • Data is in control of the user 

    • Privacy settings are easily accessible 

    • To send data to a user that is close, we do not need internet

    • Make it really easy to access and order your own content

    • Use Blockchain as a technology to store data decentralised

  4. Not depend on the internet, it needs to work everywhere and all the time

    • Use Bluetooth mesh to establish a local content distribution network

    • Use ultrasound to form groups

  5. Always stay a tool FOR and BY the people 

    • Be a Smartup