The Technical Blueprint

During the creation of the Onlive Proof of Concept, a lot of developments have taken place. First of all, the Onlive concept was refined. The main driver for this process was the workshops with the project partners, in which use cases were developed which could benefit their business. This way, the Onlive concept has been partly validated from the perspective of the future Group owners (future clients). From a technical point of view, it was demonstrated that the concept is technically feasible and scalable in the future. Research has been done on how the platform could operate without an (always) active Internet connection, giving it the potential as a successful platform for delivering digital services in places where there is no Internet connection. Also, the user interface has been tested on a select group of users using paper prototyping. A proof-of-concept was developed which demonstrates the possibilities of the Onlive platform, and ideas have been developed for business models for the platform.

The result is what I dubbed the technical Blueprint that I want to use as the fuel to start the worlds first Smartup. It consists of:

  1. The Onlive Plugin Software Development Kit (SDK), consisting of:

    • Executable (App) for Android (in the form of a .apk file)

    • Developer documentation

    • Example Plugin

  2. The Onlive App

    • Executable (App) for Android (in the form of a .apk file)

    • Onlive App - Functionality and priority (document)

  3. The Onlive backend

    • Custom Onlive logic for integration with the XMPP server

    • The Onlive registry, which hosts

      • Context group definitions

      • Plug-in executables (in the form of a .zip file)

Although I am very confident that we made a lot of right choices in the set up of the architecture, some methods and concepts should be submitted to careful consideration and review. Even the name itself, ‘Onlive’, is something that is open for discussion. The work we have done should be seen as a solid starting point and a conversation starter. It gives us the means to hit the ground running in the world’s first Smartup.