The End Goal

The goal of a Smartup is to create a product or service that the world is in need of in its fight against the existential threats of climate change and biodiversity decline. The product or service that comes through the 4 phases of creation is sided with a solid researched and scientifically assessed business plan that functions as the manifest for the Smartup Executive Team in their efforts to market the product or service successfully. There will be a marketable 1.0 version of the product or service and they’ll have sufficient capital to start with. 

Everything is set up and ready to go. In  this chapter I described the Smartup Zero Experiment and how you could join it. Probably you’ve got a ton of questions and doubts. I can honestly say: me too. Still, I don’t have a doubt that if we start off with a group of like-minded and well-motivated people we can figure a lot of things out together. The point of a Smartup is that we create a structure together that is strong enough to carry the power of the group to solve complex challenges. I have worked hard to give us a good head start and made it really easy for you to join this experiment. At this point, if you are still hooked and can overcome the doubts and questions about the Smartup itself, you have one real question on your mind: WHAT ARE WE CREATING?