RSNMC & Onlive


'Connecting you with life'


Robbert Schep in 2014: 'I want to create a new medium for a world that is in desperate need of a new medium. I want a to make a network that can work everywhere in the world, all the time, anytime. Even after a global fallout. At the same time, I want to create a new content format that people can actually use in their daily lives, that helps them understand each other better, gives them a better experience in the real world and gives them a grip on all that available information that is available to them. I want to make a platform that enables all people, everywhere in the world, to take control over their lives and improve the mentality and intelligence of their communities. I am making the medium that functions in its own hybrid dimension between online and offline and it has one mission: to improve reality for everybody.'

This ludicrous ambition always was in the foreground of his mind whenever Robbert Schep was creating a new app or website. He always knew that somehow he would find the building blocks along the way of his entrepreneurial endeavors. So it happened. Four years later the building blocks are here and the vision is sharpened. 


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Design to Focus

It started with the notion that most applications are designed to distract us from what we are doing in the real world. They are designed to entertain and consume. Read here about this interesting notion and what it means to Design to Focus. 

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Onlive: from idea to hackaton!

The idea that we should be more connected with our near environment took shape in the form of Onlive. With nothing more than a pitch deck and a great story in his head, Robbert Schep started talking about it to people in his network and even went to a hackathon weekend.