ONLIVE: an information network FOR and BY the real world


Onlive is an information network FOR and BY the real world. It's for groups of people who are physically together and share the same momentum in space and time. It's about HERE and NOW. Onlive is an app that supports group experiences, activities and interactions by offering relevant functionality and information about local people, things, businesses, organizations and events to groups of people who are together in the real world. 

Until now ONLIVE was a collaborative R&D project where all kind of different Dutch organizations were working together on creating a Minimal Valuable Product (MVP) that should allow us to start creating test- and business cases, proof the concept and start creating a vivid community of users, developers, and our first customers.  

Found out everything about this disruptive idea by clicking through this interactive business & research proposition.  The goal is to create a vivid community to validate, fund and create the actual ONLIVE platform. Find out how you can contribute, what is the business case, what are the pillars, and why the inventor of the computer mouse plays a crucial role in designing the platform.


The history

The history of ONLIVE is interesting in itself. Catch up from where it all started to where it is right now. Including the story about transient apps, a first place at a hackaton and the current TKI project. 


The business proposition

ONLIVE isn't a business proposition like any other. Still, it's important to understand the value proposition for both the clients and the enduser. The business model is unique and promising.