Interactive Business Proposition


the guide

Welcome to this interactive business proposition for Onlive. This is a proposition for everyone. Whether you are interested in working, using, investing, participating or just want to know what all the fuzz is about, this is where you begin. 

Before you begin there are a few navigational things to get you through this proposal. 

The proposal exists out of 13 chapters that are divided over 4 themes: 

1. General Design
- Introduction
- Vision
- Mission

2. Concept Design
- Overall
- Groups
- Cards
- Plugins
- Stage

3. Business Design
- Value Proposition
- Business Model

4. Software Design
- Context Engine
- Network and communications

Each chapter has one slide. Each slide has an abstract of that specific chapter. You can read that abstract by clicking on the information symbol in the right upper corner of the slide. 

Screen Shot 2018-07-17 at 16.28.38.png


Each abstract has a link that will bring you to the chapter itself. 

To go to the next slide use your LEFT and RIGHT arrows on your keyboard or click the arrows on each side of the slide. 

To go back to the overview click on the group of 4 squares in the right bottom corner.

That way you can read the pitch deck (by reading only the abstracts) or read the actual proposition (by reading all the articles). 

Each article has a comment area. Here you can leave remarks, questions or anything you might have to contribute to the subject. Please stay on topic and be constructive. 

Remember, the goal is to create this platform together. This starts with making the proposition as strong as possible.