Part 2: Hypothesis


I’m introducing a completely new type of company that redefines how ideas are turned into marketable products and services that the world is in need of AND our nature can sustain. Also, it transforms how people perform labor and earn value by making them love what they do, because it matters to themselves, the people around them and the planet they love. A Smartup is a company for a world where we all get a chance to be part of a solution. It’s creating and maintaining sustainable solutions that help us fight to protect our planet. Smartup Zero is the world’s first Smartup and lays the groundwork for many more Smartups to come.


Technologies BY and FOR the people

A Smartup is about democratizing innovations and their organizations. It’s about enhancing our chances to create and govern the right technologies, products, and services that we need in our fight against the existential threats that climate change and biodiversity decline comprehend. It’s about no more distraction and limiting conventions. All bets are off. We need to get to work.

It’s is a new type of company that creates and exploits, like any other company, a product or service. However, a Smartup creates and exploits its product or service in a completely open and collaborative community-driven environment where people can decide what we make, how we make it and, above all, why we should make it.

A Smartup is run BY and FOR the people. It doesn't know investors, founders, boards, CEO's, or any other traditional startup or corporate departments and terminology. It is a completely new framework for ideas to come into existence for all people, in a natural way.