We are doing it wrong....

We are doing it wrong....


RSNMC improves life by creating technology that’s made to support valuable social interactions in the real world instead of distracting us from it.

Everything we do enhances real-world interaction.


Software, Apps, Websites, Installations, Design


Innovation Consultancy, Concept Design, Wireframing, Functional Design, Front End Design, Inspirational Speaker


With all our projects we ask: will it make social interactions in the real world better? 

We believe the current way of consumer engineering is fundamentally wrong: most consumer technology is designed to distract, not to improve. All over the world, developers and designers are busy trying to engage us as much as possible with their devices and apps. Because that’s were—we thought—the money was to be made. 

Our approach is different. We believe people are ready for technology that’s made to truly improve our daily life—that means less distraction, more fulfilment. 

With fulfilment we mean tech that enables us to both get things done, as well as improve our experience of day-to-day life and make better decisions.  Less distraction, better living. 

The big goal is to create better information so people can make better decisions.

All over the world.